Monday, April 2, 2007

Kashi halwa[Kumbala kai halwa}

This is a famous recipe from Karnataka and my moms best sweet which is my altime favorite.All in our family love this.....It has so intense flavour and texture is simply so good.Hmm simply the name makes my mouth to water its simple and devine thats all i have to say.This is a best sweet for those who are of my types i.e trying to avoid adding fat...The winter melon/ash guard what we get is a rich source of iron content and other essential minerals which our body requires.We ayurvedic doc's prepare a leha caled khushmanda avaleha out of this hmm ....spicy and sweet at the same time which acts as general tonic,helps to gain body weight,helps in lactating mothers .....So so many medicinal property all will be combined with your halwa also.So its best in all ways.

Winter melon- 2 pounds
Sugar - 2 cups[as per taste]
cardammom - 1/2 tsp
edible food color- a pinch dissolved in water
saffron -[optional]
ghee -3 tsp
Cashew nuts-1 tsp
raisins -1 tsp

1.Peal up the wintermelon ,remove all the seeds and grate it and keep aside.
2.Take a heavy bottom pan,add 1 tsp of ghee, add the grated wintermelon to it and saute till it almost becomed dry.
3.Mean while roast the dry fruits in little ghee
4.Now add the sugar and saffron and keep stirring till all the liquid evaporates and comes out as a single mass.The add cardammon powder and 2 tsp of ghee.roasted dry fruits and stir properly
5. Remove from the fire and serve hot or after cooling .Simple yummy....hmm...


USHA said...

Hi Soumya,,

Oh my girl!!!now-a-days you started tempting us with lovely delicious recipes huh!!!

Excellent presentation,halwa looks really yummy yummy...

Richa said...

the halwa looks amazing! color is so good, a must try. looks like jelly.
and if it is nutritious as well, can't beat that.
thanks for the recipe

Prema Sundar said...

Wow Soumya I love those halwa. look at the colour of the halwa.. Iam sitting here with my mouth watering...Great recipe . thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Soumya, this is a fascinating and beautiful dish to look at! It almost looks gelatinous. Thanks for sharing this interesting recipe -- I must try sometime.

Viji said...

Could see the glaze in the cup. Nice presentation Soumya. Looks great. Viji

FH said...

Kashi halwa anta keli tumba varsha agittappa!!:D
Looks fabulous and almost transparent like jelly!
Thanks for an authentic dish,Sowmya.Hugs:)

Sharmi said...

oh the halwa looks sinfully tempting. Lovely picture to tempt everyone on the earth. I saw this recipe in Sia's blog too, now can't wait to try!!


Sia said...

hey soumya, kashi halwa bhari laika baindu. u have got that perfect glossy finish. u dont need to use artificial colour for this. the one i have posted in my blog has no artificial colour as when u keep cooking it it gives its own almost transparent golden glossy finish:)
did u finish everything or do u have some left to go with ice cream? yummmmm...enage joru hashu avta iddu. had very light lunch as its my 1st day in office and didn't want to fall asleep on my desk;)

Naina Sudarshan said...

Hi Soumya,
Halwa looks great and yummy! My hubby loves this and so do I.But its very hard to find kumbalakai here. where did u get? Indian stores? So we will come to ur house to eat...hehehe..

Seema Bhat said...

I know how much we love this sweet alda...Amma madiyappaga vondu dinakkude irthittille... You got it just beautifully like how amma used to get it.. Loved the presentation and the way you clicked the pictures are just mouth watering.

swapna susarla said...

mmm!!!looks yummy soumya

Shivapriya said...

Beautiful picture and nice halwa.

TNL said...

Beautiful Amber color.....Soumya. thanks.

Anonymous said...

picture perfect girl!

glossy look is perfect, thumba tempt agatha iddu! WE all love this sweet too!

Manjula said...

Love Kashi halwa. Its been years since I had it. I will be looking for kumbaLkai now :)
Photos tumbaa chennagide


looks divine from the kumbh of Ashwinikumar

Anonymous said...

I think I have tasted this before. That looks so out of the world. I will search for a kumbalakayi now. Thanks for sharing dear.

Menu Today said...

Hi Sowmya,
Your halwa looks sooo nice. Thanks for sharing.

Suganya said...

Beautiful presentation. Thats Indian Jell-O :D

Uj said...

My fav halwa..I made this for Diwali along with those wonderful chakkuli's. It was a big hit among my friends.. Thanks a lot for the recipe

Anonymous said...

Khash-i-Halwa ('Khash' for Khushmanda- BooDi Kumblakai) chennagithu nodi. Ghee innoo swalpa jasthi haakiDre rich aguthe.Mathu, namkade swalpa 'Khowa' hakthare.Artificial colour vichara, sia corner navru heLiDDu sari. Thank u.

Anonymous said...

The standard dessert served with the Mangalorean Konkani wedding breakfast! Yum! Brings back fond memories of home :)