Saturday, July 16, 2011

Almond and Cashew Burfee

cashew - 1 cup

almonds - 1cup

sugar - 2cup

milk - 1/4 cup

saffron - 4-5 / 1pinch[optional]

water - 1/2 cup

ghee - 1tbsp

1. Soak almond in little water and microwave it for 2-3 mins. Then remove the peal and powder them to a fine powder and keep aside. I used the milk to grind it to a fine paste as they where wet. You can soak them 3 hrs before and dry them with paper towel and powder it with the cashew.

2. Now finely powder cashews . I used roasted unsalted cashew.

3. Now in a heavy bottom non stick pan add sugar and water and heat it till the sugar syrup forms 2-3 thread consistancy. Then add the saffron and mix properly when it bubbles.

4. Now add the powder of cashew and almond paste and keep stirring constantly.Be very careful because it will stick to the bottom.

5. The mixture will combine togather to form a single mass and leaves edges. The color of the mixture will be pale bage. Now add the ghee and stir putting off the heat .

6. Grease the plate to which the burfee mixture has to be transfered and keep ready. Remove the mixture and spread it evenly to the plate . I used a flat surfaced bowl and smeared the bottom and smeared the top surface of the burfee mass into a smooth even spread .

7. After 2-3 mins draw lines in desired shape. Then when its totally cooled cut and seperate the indivisual burfee and store in a airtight container.