Friday, April 6, 2007

Recipes tried out of blogger friends blogs-2

I wish all a happy Easter....Once again i would like to publish some very nice recipes tried out from my dear friends blogs. Many more to come..

1.Banana (plantain) Chips:
This is my all time favorite chips.I and my sis loved them and mom was never fedup preparing them for us.She used to get nice fresh raw banana's and prepare a big dabba full for us and we enjoyed emptying this in no time....those were such a lovely days.Hmm well looking at this crispy chips in my sis Seema's blog i was tempted to prepare i am.Thanks akka .....It came out so good and those chilly powder and pepper seasoning adds up to the taste....

2.Aloo Mirch:
Well this is a lovely creation from my sis's Seems's blog.Easy and a tasty recipe.My hubby is a great fan of potato.He loves potato in any form.So i keep searching for new recipes and this time i had prepared these..Loved them a lot...

3.Puli ogaare:
This is a recipe i always wanted to prepare and thanks a lot asha for posting it...It came out so good that my hubby asked me to prepare it again...Thanks Asha

4. Methi Mutter Malai:
This is a lovely recipe from Indiar's -Mahanandi blog...Love this too..Well all were great.Initially was sacared to try.This acme out great.I had no cream so added 2%milk instead.Well it came out great.And the potatoes added to it satisfied my hubby too...very nutricious and a differnt flavour.Really innovative i say..

5.Adai Dosa:
This is a lovely recipe what i tried from malabar spices blog..It a crunchy and a healthy breakfast.Really good one.Thanks dear for sharing.I had seen this in many blogs and thought of giving a shot and here i am..


Vcuisine said...

Nice try Soumya, Look great. Viji

Cynthia said...

Great job! All the dishes look delicious.

We make plantain chips the same way you make banana chips. Actually just this morning I bought from green plantains to make some chips so that I can have a snack to munch on over this long holiday weekend. I've never thought of adding any spices to it but now I see yours, I will definitely try it. Thanks.

Asha said...

You are welcome Sowmya!:)) Glad you enjoyed it all.
Put a link to the recipes.I want to try Adai from Shaheen,looks great.It's easy if it had a link to the recipes next time.Thanks:)

Seema said...

Wow soumya thats a beautiful array of dishes. Chenda kanthanne mouth is watering and my hotte devre gathi hee hee.

Sharmi said...

Dear Soumya, Never knew Seema is your sis!! nice to know!! I simply love her recipes and planning to visit her some day:)) as she lives in edison its an hour drive for me.


Sumitha said...

Soumya dear i tried making the wheat pedas,but i found 1cup of milk too less,I roasted the wheat flour well and it was a wonderful aroma but couldnt get them into one mass:(where would i have gone wrong?

Pooja said...

hi Soumya,
nice array of recipes. its good to give credit to the right person . i liked it. thanks for sharing
take care

Kajal said...

Hi Dr.Soumya,
I share same things as you describe in Banana Chips. I remember my old days with my sister. Kashi halwa is very delicious. I definitely try your Aloo Mirch recipe.
Good post with so many items.
Thanks for sharing.:)

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