Monday, November 26, 2007

Ubbu Rotti And Alasande Bendhi

This is a traditional recipe which we have been relishing since we were born. Really a finger licking recipe i say.This dish should be enjoyed with a spicy curry made out of long beans or chineese spinach itself. Just an irresistable taste and satisfying one to the soul.Hmm......just the simple discription of this rotti makes my saliva to dribble down.I just had 3-4 rotti just now in the afternoon and still feel like having some more although there is not space left in my belly.Well lemme just come down to the ingredients and method with some mouthwatering pictures of this delightful dish.


White rice - 1 cup
Boiled rice - 2 cups
Jeera - 1 tbsp
Salt - as per taste

1.Soak the raw rice in hot water overnight.

2.Now grind this adding no water or very little water into a smooth batter.As i had no grinder i used normal 12 speed blender.Hence i had to add a little bit of water.

3.Hint:- if your dough becomes water then no problem just empty it into a pan and keep it in a stove and keep stirring untill the mixture becomes some what hard so that small ball can be rolled out from it.

Now roll out small lemon sized balls and press in into small poori sized roti by keeping between two greased plastic sheets and pressing with a flat plate.
5.Bake them over a hot pan until they are semi cooked , then put them over direct heat if you have burners in your stove or else do as you do to cook a phulka.

6.Now collect the rottis in a dish placed with a thick tissue or a cloth.
7.Good to relish when its very hot with the long beans bendhi


Long beans - 1 bundle
Black eye beans- 1 cup[ cooked],optional
Coriander seeds - 1 tbsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Cumin - 1tsp
Shot red chillies - 6-7[as per your taste]
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Chilly powder - ''
Coconut grates - 1/2 cup
Tamarind paste - 1/4 tsp
Jaggery - 1 tsp

1.Chop up the long beans into 1.5 inch big pieces ,add little water , a pinch of salt,chilly powder and turmeric powder and cook them till they turn tender.
2.Take 1-2 drops of oil in a small pan and roast the chillies,then add coriander,urad dhal,cumin to it a dry roast them for 1 min.
3.Add them to a blender with 1/2 cup of coconut grates and tamarind and blend them into paste form adding little water.
4.Now add this paste to the cooked long beans and add already cooked black eye beans and season with enough salt and jaggery and bring to a boil.
5.Now take about 1/2 tsp of oil in a small pan add mustard seeds and just when it stats to splutter add curry leaves and pour it to the curry .Again bring the curry to a boil after thorough stirring.

Enjoy hot hot ubbu rotti with this bendhi on this cold winter.


Bharathy said...

The rotis look so fluffy and soft and cooked just right.Have never tried making n't it a little tough to roll them out?the edges also need to be trimmed patiently :)..The side dish lloks fresh,yummy and healthy!:)

Glad to see you back to blogging, actively!:D

Asha said...

YUM! I love this rotti too, little harder to make than regular ones, but worth it. Bendhi looks great too.
Good to see you back Sowmya, I will be on break for 2 weeks, see you then!:))

Seema said...

Wow Soumya, That looks just so traditional babe. Looks like you learnt a lot from mom. Makes my mouth water. Enjoy!!!

Manasi said...

Good to see u back after a long spell!!
The rotis look so soft and delicious!!

SMN said...

Hi.. Rotis luks so great!


welcome back . We have been waiting for your come back. Small request pl continue writtting blog on Ayurveda

Mythreyee said...

this looks really yum. I miss the gas cooking range. Mine is all electric. Whenever I visit India. I have this. Now, I am reminded of both rotti and India as well.

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Good blog content. Glad to have passed by..
Greetings to you from Botswana.