Monday, December 10, 2012

Vegetarian Hot dog with vegetarian sausages

potatoes                                   - 2  medium sized                 
Carrots                                    - 1 large

Beetroot                                 -  1 medium size

hotdog buns                            -  4-5

Day old bread / only crust       -  heaped 1 cup [ 4-5 sclices]

Bell peppers                          - 1 small

Onions                                  -  1/2 cup chopped

Garlic                                    - 3-4 cloves

red chilles                            - 2-3

Garam masala                        -   1tsp

Chilly powder                         -    1 tsp

Turmeric                                -    1/2 tsp

Salt                                       - as per taste

Jeera                                     -  1 tsp

Coriander seeds                     -  1tsp

Soya flour                              -  1/2 cup

Wheat flour                           -  1 cups

Oil                                         -  2tbsp

1. Wash and peal potatoes,carrots and beets . Slice then to thin stripes and steam cook ,keep aside for cooling.

2. In a pan  take about a tsp of oil,then when it becomes hot add jeera . When the jeera starts to splutter add onions ,ginger, garlic,coriander seeds keep mixing  for about 2 mins till the raw smell goes off.

3. Now  using a blender or food processor   blend the vegetables, with the small chunks of bread and the above onion mixture to a chunky paste. 

4. To the above paste add the 2 flours , enough salt, dry masala and make a soft dough without adding water.

5. Grease  the vessel in which you want to steam these dougs properly. Take a big lime sized ball of the dough and shape them in sausage shapes and place slowly in the greases vessel and steam cook till will take about 8-10 minutes to get cooked properly. It will change in color and when you stick in a knife it should come out clear.

6. Allow it to cool and then in a non stick pan add a few drops of oil and saute these sausage about 3 at a time till the outer surface becomes a bit charred and crusty.

7. Take a hot dog  bun and smear with butter totally optional . Then place the sausage . It can be topped with onions and bell peppers or picked cucumbers or just tomato sauce and mustard and enjoyed when its hot.....

8.You can make this sausage ahead of time and freeze it. It can also be used in many more dishes or yummy recipes like fried rice singapore style or in north indian curries  which will be my future post. so do not forget to make in large quantity as it will be a time saver  for your next dishes

Note:-[ tips]
1. If you don't have fresh bread you can use old bread kept in freezer. i save the bread crust in freezer and use them as bread crumps or as a binding agent in cutlet, hara bara kabaab etc.even here i have used just the bread edges and end slices.. one more use for the wasted edges in bread sandwiches so dont forget to save them.

2. If you dont have soya flour you can use only wheat or maida. You can even use only soya flour . In all the ways it will taste great. But just adjust the flour to form a shape able mass.


Priya R said...

love the idea of veg sausage, great recipe :)

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Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

thanks everyone