Friday, June 3, 2011

Sorrekai Thambuli [ bottle gourd side dish]

This is a simple dish with minimal ingredients.Its a side dish which we south Indian begin our lunch or dinner with.This is a very good side dish to have when you are sick and have no appitite.The best part is that its made out of the part which is often thrown away.The middle pith with the seeds and connective tissue

seeds and the connectivetissue - of 1 big bottle gourd

fresh coconut grates - 1.5 tbsp

sour buttermilk - 2 cups

salt - as per taste
ghee - 1tsp
oil/ghee - 1tsp
jeera[cumin] - 1 tsp
water - 1 cup

Method :
1. Scoop up the center pith Of bottle gourd the white soft part with the
seeds and keep aside.

2.Take about a spoon full of ghee and then saute the scooped portion of the bottle gourd and keep mixing for around 5 mins or until they turn light cream and cook well.

3. Allow it to cool.Then blend it with 2 tbsp of fresh coconut grates to a fine smooth paste.

4.Now mix the sour buttermilk salt and water to the coconut mixture.Add salt as per taste and mix everything well.

5.Now in a small pan add 1 tps of oil/ ghee for tempering.Then add a tsp of cumin and wait till it splutters .Then add it to the liquid mixture and stir it .

6.Can be served with hot boiled or white rice as desired.

BOttle gourd is rich in iron content,high in protiens and good for liver.

Has a very good medicinal value in the treatment of jaundice and other liver disorders.

Its used in different diet in patients suffering form different liver disorder.


SMN said...

hey soumys first time keliddy i recipe try madidille..not a fav veggie at home..will try this tambli

Adige Mane Ruchi said...

Hi Sowmya,

Nice to see you back:-).I knew only Sorrekai bolu huli. will give a try.