Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Party Pin Wheels

This is a recipe what i found online and was a winner the first time i made them for my sons 3rd b'day party. I wanted a simple, easy and no hassel recipe which would work for kids as well as adults .So was going through and found this one. Really must say it was easy as well as yummm..... What more can i say it all was empty in no time.I had made so much and even the left overs can be converted into a totally new dish believe it or not i'll share both with all my blogger and the friends who follow my blog.


sun dried tomato&
rosted red pepper tortillas - 8 count

cream cheese - 16 oz

ranch mix - 1/2 pack[small]

shredded 3 cheese mix - 1/2 cup

red and green bell peppers - 3/4 cup each

black olives - 16

tinned jalapeneo peppers -2 .5 tbsp

spring onions - 2-3

1. Mix all the finely chopped veggies ,ranch mix,cream cheese,3 cheese mix or you can even use mozzarella cheese into a uniform blend and keep aside.

2. Place the tortillas on the counter top and divide the cheese mixture equally among all 8 tortilla and then spread them into a thin layer.

3. Now roll them tightly and cover them in a aluminium foil and refrigerate them for over night or atleast for 6 hrs.

4. Then remove the foil and cut them into 1 inch slice and place them in the platter to be served.

5. This will last for about a week in the fridge.

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